Bringing Kissena Velodrome to a new level.

Kissena Velodrome is a 400 meter concrete outdoor track located in Queens, New York built in 1963 for the 1964 National Championships. The velodrome is the heart of the New York City track cycling community featuring the Wednesday Night Twilight Series, New York State Championships, numerous omnium racing weekends and including programs such a Star Track for junior racers. 

Miki Moone reached out, representing Kissena Velodrome, and wanted to do a complete rebranding of the track, which included new logo branding and cycling jerseys. We partnered with Chris Salucci in creating the new branding and worked with Vie13 to manufacture the jerseys.

Original Kissena VElodrome Logo


Logo creation 

Chris Salucci and RZ Designs worked together on the logo creation. Inspiration was taken from the velodrome's shape, the painted lines on the track (including the sprinter's line and stayer's line), as well having a simple and classic esthetic.  

maxresdefault (1).jpg



Cycling jersey

The cycling jersey is a retail item available for purchase from Kissena Velodrome. The design process was all handled by RZ Designs, jerseys made by Vie13. For the jersey, we wanted to incorporate the painted lines again, as well as the green from the grass in the infield. We wanted the jersey to be simple, but unique and have it's own personality to seperate it from other jerseys. We added details about the velodrome on the lower back above the pockets including the year it was built, it's banking degrees, and length.