Bicycle Revolutions is a bike shop in South Philly, PA, owned by Heather Derrick and Bryan Vanarsdale. For 2016 they are launching a shop team, Bicycle Revolutions Racing, and reached out to me to help them with a team kit design. Although the team will do some road, and track racing, their hearts are in mountain biking and cyclocross. Bryan and Heather also expressed interest in bright colors, but understanding that the design needs to be simple and not too overwhelming for everyone on the team. Design inspiration was taken from this, the terrain of the dirt trails and nature that locals go out mountain biking on, and colors from their current shop branding.

Bicycle Revolutions had the kits made by Verge Sports as their clothing supplier. Verge supplied them with a sizing kit for all of the members of the team to try on. The team ended up liking various clothing items, including: short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys, short sleeve and long sleeve skin suits, bibs, wind vests, and thermal jackets. The design was laid out in all of the templates, as well as a pantone color pallet was created to make sure the colors came out to Bicycle Revolutions liking.

The Bicycle Revolutions Racing team is now kitted out with their clothing and out there racing, participating in adventure rides such as Hell of Hunterdon and going for rides. Keep your eyes out for them on the road.